A-One Medical Supplies (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd Continues To Garner Accolades Worldwide

Leading medical supply and device company, A-One Medical Supplies (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd, continues to enjoy rave reviews from clients across the globe

A-One Medical Supplies (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd has undoubtedly taken the medical field by storm by delivering premium quality products to customers across the globe. The company is under the AARON GROUP LTD and has continuously reiterated its commitment to helping millions of people in different parts of the world stay safe and healthy, especially amid the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic.

A-One Medical has built a reputation for manufacturing medical appliances at the highest possible standard, leveraging their range of facilities that include 300m2 of Class-10,000 laboratory, 1,000m2 of medical warehouse, and up to 2,000m2 of Class-100,000 purification workshop and a team of highly experienced and well trained professionals.

As a measure of the company’s compliance with international standards, A-One Medical has received several qualifications and certificates over the years. The qualifications include the domestic Class II medical device registration and production certificate, the qualification for production and sales of Class I medical exports in Europe (CE), and enlistment by the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC in the “white list of export recommendations.”

In line with the company’s goal of ensuring the health and safety of people, A-One Medical has a face mask production line with fully automated equipment to minimize direct contact. The products from A-One Medical Supplies (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd go through systematic operation, scientific analysis, and rigorous inspection controls to ensure product quality.

Another part of the A-One Medical Supplies (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd that has helped the company stand out over the years is the well-equipped laboratory that consists of a Class-10,000 microbiological lab, a physics and chemistry lab, and various individual testing rooms.

-One Medical Supplies (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd is not resting on their oars on delivering the best of medical supplies to the world and recent developments have further substantiated this claim.