About Us

A-ONE MEDICAL SUPPLIES (SHENZHEN) CO. LTD. is a medical supply and device company under AARON GROUP LTD, which was incorporated in the Shenzhen City of China in 1992. The group has business operations across multiple industries including product manufacturing, hotel management, real estate development and medical appliance production. With over 25 years of dedication and hard work, it has won the trust of numerous loyal customers from Europe, USA, Japan and other countries.

A-One Medical strives to develop and manufacture medical appliances at the highest possible standard. Our facilities include 300m2 of Class-10,000 laboratory, 1,000m2 of medical warehouse, and up to 2,000m2 of Class-100,000 purification workshop, all of which are carefully operated by our team of experienced professionals and constructed under strict compliance with national laws and medical regulations.
To ensure the quality and consistency of our final products, our quality control system is thoroughly implemented to meet all requirements of YY/T 0287-2017/ISO 13485: 2016. Further, our laboratory is carefully designed to facilitate the separate execution of different performance test, which allows our specialist to safely obtain accurate test results, and provide our customers with highly effective and reliable products.
As a fully-qualified medical enterprise, A-One Medical has obtained various qualifications such as the domestic Class II medical device registration and production certificate, the qualification for production and sales of Class I medical exports in Europe (CE), and more. Our company is further enlisted in the “white list of export recommendations” by the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC, where relevant information can be found on their official website.